Monday, June 6, 2016

Not dead

I havent been updating this blog lately, in part because lack of news, and also because, after all, there are just a couple of faithful readers.

I had to stop working on the game demo to focus on finishing the third novel. Actually, I have worked very little on it, and much more in the fourth book. The final pages are always a problem for me, and I don't mean literally the final pages, but a missing part here and there (the end is already written). Anyway, progress is progress, even in the wrong book.

This weekend I went back to coding and solved a bug that was annoying me in the inventory drag and drop. It was a login mistake I made, using GetComponentInChildren() instead of properly looking for the child gameobject and setting the image there. So, the image was not assigned correctly and I got a white square when tried to drag it.

Also, I spent some time trying to figure out how to implement a node editor, like Mecanim, it will be useful for dialog editing. The docs about this are scarce, but found a very long videotutorial that provides some starting point. I guess it will take me many days of work to understand the basics, and many others to have something really useful. The process is complex, and requires extensive knowledge of the old UI system, the one that I quickly discarded to adopt the modern way.

And forgot to mention that I'm still chasing old games, but haven't recorded more gameplay videos.

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