Thursday, May 28, 2015

Me vs Qt and Windows

I always say that when you are a programmer, you should be ready to throw your work and start again whenever necessary. And I always expect that others apply that, not me. Yesterday I started porting the dialog editor tool to Windows. In the end, the dialog writers (in this project, or the next) probably will be using Windows, not Linux. Keeping a parallel Linux port is trivial.

I should have started in Windows. Probably I have to throw the previous UI I have been working on, or spend some time to figure out why does it produces a compilation error. Well, I will try to see the good side: now I have a chance to rethink the UI. The dialog editor is a complex tool, I must try to make it easy to underestand to people that never used anything more exotic than Office 2007.

The process of downloading Qt havent been easy, I even had to pay some internet time, which was lost money. Also, I found that I could have downloaded an older version instead of the 5.x, after all, cant use the VS plugin with Visual Studio Express. Im forced to use QtCreator. Of course, that isnt too bad, as it has the QtDesigner integrated. Im just sorry for the wasted money and time.

Ah, it is worth mention that I ported my day/night cycle to Unity3d. Will talk about that later.

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