Monday, January 30, 2017

Revisiting the game story

I have been reworking the game storyline, taking into consideration some ideas from a friend, who worked as second writer in the early stages of the project. I'm not happy at all with my current work. Although I set some important points in terms of plot twists and emotion, it lacks the required depth and fails to offer a living world, with several factions.

I focused too much in providing choice, in the form of having a way to join one or another faction, instead of providing a couple of them that will be always unreachable, or simply opposed from the beginning. After all, a villain is always needed! And the storyline was too much a line. Too linear. Now I have to open the choices available to the player after the brief introductory quest.

Of course, the final storyline should be tweaked by at least one more writer. An open world RPG is too big to be written by one man.

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