Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fixing my 3rd person camera

Yesterday I forced myself to forget about the stress and work a bit in fixing the third person camera system. I wanted to migrate the code to something controller independent, a single code that handles keyboard or controller. I succesfully implemented a basic prototype, but not having a controller to try it, I had to use  my joystick again.

The results prove that I am in the right path, but no more than that. A joystick can not emulate a controller, or at least, that's what I think (at least, I am sure that the analogic stick can't be emulated). My experience with controllers is limited to less than an hour of use in my whole life, and was long time ago since last time I played with one. Can't remember if the cross button is analogic or 4 separate buttons (I guess it depends on the model), how they are reported, and many other issues. And buying one is out of the question, at least for a few months.

Also, the new system introduces new factors, for example: what to do when the input vector is not pure forward or left/right, and more like a diagonal direction? How to define that?

Probably it is not much different than using a keyboard, but yesterday, feeling a bit dizzy, I didn't wanted to think about it and went to sleep. Just to leave the bed an hour later and work until 2 AM in  basic isometric prototype, where I pretend to fix the errors I made in The Key of the World. With a year of Unity under my belt, sure I can make totally new mistakes!

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